I've got a 68 Fastback Mustang 302 V8, and I'm having problems finding someone to tune it up. I'm over in Winsford Cheshire, could do with mobile really but all people want to do is plug them in nowadays. It's got a four barrel holley not sure of the vacuum set up either , not my strong point this bit. 
Any help number etc would be appreciated. Could do with someone local really. 


  • Well I have been trying to think of someone who is really good at this however I can't. Marsh and Jeffrey in Manchester were the best for carbs but that was years ago so I have no idea now. A carb expert is very hard to find seeing as so many have moved on to fuel injection. :(
  • hi Fergal Ive just got off the phone with John from Penguin Speedshop, they are in Sarn, near Prestatyn, He said he could almost certainly sort you out. His number is 01745403211, He said he may be able to visit you to do it. They advertise in the club mag and I would recommend them. Its worth a trip down there to see the work they do.
  • Thanks for that. I'll get in touch, tried WGT in Middlewich but they seem to be to busy and not interested. 
  • Hi, I have a Dodge Nitro and keep getting a loud knock on the offside front suspension.  It can happen at any time and does not coincide with braking, acceleration or deacceleration.  I have had two garages look at it and they can't find a problem.  Having done a bit of research there are loads of people that have had the same problem but no one seems to have to answer for fixing it.  Anyone here had the problem or better still anyone here solved the problem?
  • No one is using this website any more Tosh.
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