17th & 18th JUNE Woodvale transport extravaganza

17th & 18th JUNE

Woodvale transport extravaganza

Victoria Park, Southport

Great weekend with lots going on.

Passes are £5 per car camping free

Names, if camping tent day van or caravan

Details and money to Val & Bert please.


  • I've got to work Saturday is it ok to arrive Saturday evening and camp and show my car sunday?
  • More than likely, can you get in touch with Val and Bert?
  • Check with Val and Bert but I'm sure lots of people did this last year but not sure you have to arrive on Saturday night as they lock the gates for security. Great show though.
  • we are going Friday dinner till Monday dinner
  •  That's great and weather supposed to be good. I'll pop down Friday afternoon sometime to see everyone's okay then I'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Great show with plenty going on.
  • What great weather we had, to hot for me. Good display and good company. Bring on next year
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