Yank Pick-Up for Channel 4

Hi there,

I wanted to reach out to the community as a producer working on a new show for Channel 4. I am looking for an American pick up for a few days filming, something rustic, patina'd, minimal mods and capable of driving some people in the back (off-Road of course). If you can shoot me a message or reply to the thread I'd love to chat.

We are looking for something vintage, think 50's, 60's, 70's and possibly 80's. I am open to suggestions and bow to your expertise. The vehicle would be required around the 20th of Aug, apologies for the short notice and we would need it for a couple of days. I can give more details and answer any questions you might have if you think you may be able to help. We do have some budget allocated for the hire of the vehicle. 

All the best,



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