Flogging a dead horse??

hi guys I’ve been trying for the last couple of years to find my dads old 69 Mach 1 mustang with no luck. This is manly due to he doesnt remember any of the reg or vin details as his memory isn’t that great. The car was in Macclesfield Cheshire around the late 70s and he used to take it to the bulls head meets mottram and upto the cat and fiddle.


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    He sold the car to a guy that lived in Macclesfield who had a original fastback Dodge Charger. The car had a 428  and a shaker hood but the engine let go shortly after the new owner took it on and installed a 302 shsortly after the car disappeared. Any info anyone could have or could point me in the right direction or just if anyone remembers the meets and seeing the car would help so much as I feel I am getting to the point of giving up on the dream of finding it thanks guys.
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    In the mid 70s I had a Candy Apple Red Mach1 in Macclesfield. I sold it to a chap called Dave Sargent also in Macclesfield but then I lost track of it as I was out of the area. When I was the owner it had a 351 Cleveland  but no shaker.
    When I decided to return to the Mustang fold a few years ago I tried to find it on DVLA and its still there but in black and hasn't been on the road since the late 70s. The reg is SRH 929 G.
    Thats all I can add except for a memory of a yellow Boss 428 cruising about at the time.
    Good luck with the quest
  • Hey thanks for the reply Stuart it could of been the same car my dad was David pearson and he had it when he lived on Upton priory in Macclesfield he says it could of been a 351 that was put in the car and that It did have a normal 69 bonnet put on it after and he does remember  yellow mustang to thanks for the info I’ll keep going
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