New Member - A love for anything American!

Hi all, i'm a new member from Bury north Manchester. I'm a keen american car enthusiast and i feel very lucky to 'just' be able to afford the new generation of Mustang even though my passion is for the older models. Do you have any meets north Manchester/City-ish center? Looking forward to talking and hopefully meeting with you guys at upcoming shows and weekend meet ups.


  • Hi, and welcome to the club. The summer show season is pretty much over now, but we do hold our monthly club meet at Barton City Airport on the first Sunday of the month, right through the winter. The next one will be on the 7th of next month. Why not try to come along to meet everyone?
  • Hi, i'm away for the October meet but i'll pop it in the calendar for November! What time does the meet start? 

    Thanks for the reply.
  • 9.30 to 10.00 usually, depending on the weather!
  • Welcome to the website, and the club. :)
  • Thanks guys. I will see you at the November 4th meet.
  • Hi and welcome.
  • Always great to see new faces and cars,
  • Zach, why not do the Southport Christmas charity parade, details on this website. It's for a great cause.
  • I'm already going to do it. Yeah looks like a good day!
  • See you there
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