Southport Christmas Parade Sunday December 2nd 2018 PLEASE READ UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST.

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                              Southport Charity Christmas Parade and fun day

                                     Fairways Car park, Southport. PR9 0LA


                                                         10am to 10pm


This is a fun Filled day with fun fair, Christmas market, Santa and his sleigh and much more.

If you want to be in the parade through Southport, delivering presents to Springbrook Children's home

Then dress your vehicle up in lights and bring a toy (new) to donate.

You can arrive anytime up to 3pm to be in the parade.

As this is a Barton meet day, why not cruise down after.

No need to book, totally free event so bring the family for some fun.



  • Starts at 10am till 10pm but as stated you can turn up anytime up to 3pm so why not go to Barton and cruise down. We got ourselves a darn convoy.
    To be in the parade, dress your vehicle, doesn't have to be American, with lights and bring a toy, new, to donate to the children's home.
    Has a great atmosphere, father Christmas and his sleigh. The parade is great and last year and there were 100's of vehicles from artics to steam engines. 
    Come along and support a great cause.
    As soon as I get the exact location in Southport i will post. See you there guys and gals ????
  • Always like a run out to Southport, we will look forward to it.  Today, (even with a bad weather report),  we cruised along the A55 to Harvey`s Burger Bar in Bangor, N. Wales. However, probably because of the mini monsoon, we were the only one there.  Anyhow, the food was boss. 
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    Will be nice to see you, the more the merrier. 
  • I will be there - Sounds like a great day for a fantastic cause!
  • It really is a fantastic atmosphere and the vehicles look great all lit up. There were hundreds last year
  • Come on Guys and Gals, this is a great day out. Why not go to the Barton meet first then cruise on down to Southport in a convoy and do this great parade for the children's home.

    It starts at 10am till 10pm but you must be there no later than 3pm if you want to be in the parade.

    Dress your car up with lights and bring a new unwrapped present to enter the parade.

    The parade takes up to 2 hours with people lining the streets and cheering us on.

    There's lots going on, fun fair, stalls and entertainment.

    Bring the family and see Santa on his sleigh.

    The bikers do a brilliant job of marshalling this parade and the police are great about it.

    There will be hundreds of vehicles in the parade from Artic wagons, vans, cars, bikes and even a few tractors and steam engines.

    Come on down and lets give the children a great day

  • Sounds a  good day out for a great cause. Where is good to get lights from? Are you using 12v lights?
  • You can get 12V but can work out a bit pricey.

    Personally I use outdoor battery operated lights. Get from The Range, Asda, Poundland, Tesco ect. Much cheaper and can be used in the house after and packed away for next year.

    It is a great day and a great cause. These children don't have a lot and when they see Santa and all the vehicles it makes their Christmas.

    The more the merrier. They can never have to many toys because any left overs go towards birthday presents throughout the year.

  • Thanks.  Count us in with the newest member of the family born 13th november and came home from hospital in the F250
  • Congrats to you all!  :)

  • Congratulations Twigzy, see you there
  • Thank you both. We cant wait. 

    Where do I even begin, Iv had nothing but trouble with the council over the fairways venue which resulted in them not being able to host our par...ade at the last minute,

    I have been working so hard over the past 24 hours to try and find a venue for us so we can make the parade happen,

    I have managed to secure a venue for us which is now Pontins Southport, PR8 2PZ

    Pontins have kindly given us their venue for Sunday from 10am until 4pm, which means it is just the parade only, so unfortunately I cannot have any stalls or funfair rides, Im absolutely gutted to be typing this 3 days before the event but there is nothing i can do regarding the stalls, Pontins have been absolutely amazing in letting us use their car park at the last minute, I do apologise to you stall holders but there is just nothing I can do I feel awful I generally do,

    I ask that you all can share this so we can let everyone know of the venue change,

    MEETING PLACE - Pontins Southport, PR8 2PZ

    Pontins are kindly opening their shop for hot drinks and snacks and general shop items - glow sticks too

    The parade will set off at 4pm as planned but the route will be back to front, so it will end at the promenade as we cannot go back to Pontins after we have left, which is fine, I will have a plan for us all on the day,

    The Parade will get to the promenade around 4.30pm

    I can't thank you all enough for your help in this tough situation, Im just happy the parade can go ahead as it was on the verge of being cancelled which we do no want,

    Im looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, I am so sorry to the trade stalls I will make it up to you thats a promise

  • This is the new route for Sunday, starting at Pontins Southport. Be there no later than 3pm. Cheers

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  • What a shame the council are being funny.  But superb effort to make it still happen with such short notice. What time are people planning on leaving barton? Thanks 
  • Thanks to the members that made it to this great parade of lights. Think we showed the council that they will never stop this brilliant event no matter how hard they try.

    If you didn't make it this time then give it a go next year I'm sure those that did attend enjoyed it dispite the weather changing. Not as many people on the streets but every house had people waving through their windows.

    Roll on 2019's parade

  • Thanks for the heads up about this event. Its absolutely fantatsic.  We all loved it as did everyone put on the streets waving and at the windows. We are looking forward to next year already. Lets hope they find a way to make it happen again, and for those that havent gone, i recommend it to anyone.
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