Good morning
I'm a newbie to the club so first of all thanks for allowing me in.
I purchased a 1959 Plymouth Savoy yesterday and whilst it's in great condition it has a few issues I need to initially get sorted to make it safe.

Can anyone give me guidance / recommend somewhere re getting the following issues sorted:
2 headlamps out, faulty indicators, break lights not working, replacement wiper blades, window washers, cigarette lighter not working, radio not working

In addition
I need a spare wheel
I think the tick-over is running a tad fast
overdrive doesn't seem to work.

Much appreciated



  • Well 14 people have viewed this post but no replies. :(

    What area are you in?

  • I see you live in Warrington, don't know that area, but Greame Swindley one of our very good members might be able to help.
    Can you ask him please Gordon.
    Good luck Tony and welcome
  • Graeme maybe, but he does all his own work and repairs as does Neil, I will ask around and see if I can find someone who doesn't do their own work.
  • Have sent you a PM  [private message].
  • Thanks Gordon. ????
  • You cant see it Sue as I sent several suggestions via a private message.
  • edited September 2018
    Yeah saw you'd done that, and that's why I said thanks. Don't know what the ???? is on my post as I'd clicked on the smiley face ???? See it's done it again, emojis are working properly. 
  • Ah, I did wonder, I only sent them privately in case anyone was offended that they didn't get the work. ;)
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