71 mustang mach 1 bits for sale

Hi i have a pair of deluxe door cards in black for a 71 mach 1 and also a front grille all brand new if anyone is interested. I may also have a few other bits in the next couple of week.


  • Welcome to the club.
    Its good to see a few more of our slightly maligned genre of Mustangs about. There were some splendid ones at Stars and Stripes, were you there?
    Moving on, I like to accumulate a few "bits" which may be needed so when you know what you have spare post up on here with pictures and prices.
  • Thank you Stuart 
    My 71 fastback should be out of restoration next week and should know by then what parts I have as a bought some mach 1 stuff in error as they don't fit on my mustang once she's out I'm hoping to get to a few shows. I will send pics of mach 1 bits as soon as I can. 
  • Welcome to the club

  • Welcome to the club Cheryl
  • And a warm welcome from me.  :)
  • Thank you all
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