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Hi, i have just bought a 1965 Buick registered in Ireland. Could anybody help me with instructions of how to register it. I think ?? i have to do a NOVA declaration first and fill in a V55 after that. I believe i wont pay duty? or VAT? 

it also said that a letter from the enthusiasts club with vin and tag breakdown can help?

i have just rejoined AACNW and was a member when i had a Camaro around the time of the Thirsty Turtle breakfast runs. Then ran a green 68 Impala SS427 for a while. I sold my street cars and been drag racing since 2007 with Doomsday Impala. Back in the street car gang tho now. 


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    Firstly welcome back as a member and to the website.

    You would need a letter from a Buick owners club preferably,  I went down a similar route with my Mustang.

    This is the US site.

    There should be someone on there who knows how to do this, it must have been asked before.

    I'm not sure if there is a UK owners club.

  • Hi Andy, if it's Northern Ireland itsijuit' change of owner, if it's Southern then yes V55 and Nova.
    If you're a full member of AACNW then then our valuation and tag breakdownshould be okay.
    Iv's used one of our clubs when importing a vehicle from USA without a title.
    Good luck
  • Hi, yes its a Dublin Registered car, so i guess i need to do NOVA and V55 ?. i have joined and pretty much done all the VIN and TAG research before buying it, but it would be a big help if i could get an official document from the club. I dont have a club magazine yet so dont have any contact details of the best person? Can somebody point me in the right direction?
    cheers for your help

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    I can do a valuation but that's all I have the forms for.

    I will have a word with our Chairman, but I need to have a word with him first as I don't want to promise if we cant deliver.

  • Hi Gordon, Barrie did ours for us, he did them for others too as part of his role as valuator. Looks pretty straight forward form, he might strill have the template.
  • It would be, if I [ or anyone] had a letter from DVLA to say they were recognised as such, unfortunately no-one except Barrie has one.

    Maybe if you had a word with Barrie?

    He has officially stepped down so might not want to do it which I understand, I have spoken to Hugh and all we can do atm is give valuations.

  • ok, no worries, i dont have a contact for Barrie, the internet is full of resources to do it yourself, which i have done, but need it in an official capacity :-(
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