Membership renewal

Does anyone have Phil Logan's email address? I want to renew my membership.


  • Its at the top of this page under "Club Committee who's who"

    Membership Secretary   Phil Logan     27 Nottingham Avenue, Brinnington, Stockport SK5 8ET.   07986 094325

  • Thanks Gordon, I texted his number but it’s not working. I guess I’ll have to try snail mail. I want to pay for my membership renewal but the only way seems to be to send a cheque and I don’t use them anymore.
  • You can also pay by Paypal, if that would be easier.
  • No problem Mike, as Hugh pointed out Paypal is pretty damn quick. :)
  • Great, I use Paypal, is there an account I can pay into?
  • You can always send a postal order or renew at any of the meets, there's the club charity meet this Sunday at Barton.

  • Thanks all. I paid £29 via the Paypal link although I couldn't see a renewal amount but no matter. Please can someone tell Phil I've rejoined.

    I hope to get to the next North Wales meeting. :)
  • Your payment has been received Mike, and Phil will sort out your membership card.

    There's a small show in Buckley on the 20th of May, if you are interested. Contact Val & Bert for details.

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