New improved website on the way!

After the Committee listening to some feedback [and some complaints] a new vastly improved club website is being constructed at this very moment!

This will still have a forum on which you can post on various subjects and hopefully it will be a much more pleasant "environment".

This is NOT going to replace the club magazine which will continue as normal.


  • Brilliant, there have been problems with this one, despite all Rick and Gordon's hard work, lets get the new site really buzzing when it's up and running.
  • I'm hoping so Sue, this place needs a lick of paint. ;)
  • Old website used to be fun with lots of members using it. I know we had to get rid of it because of the moron element that invaded it as well as tech problems but lets get started ready for the upcoming season

  • edited February 2018
    Hi guys, from what Gordon showed me, the new front end website looks pretty cool and I am all for it. It is not being made by myself, but a 3rd party. 

    Unfortunately, I have been massively busy with my own ventures, trying to juggle a full time job and another job that I could sink as much time into as I have a life span, being my own business called Dream PC https://dreampc.com.au so I've been unable to do much for the club website lately. That is why I welcome the club to seek out 3rd party help to get the site up and running and make the online presence a greater place for all. It's really exciting for the club so I am completely behind it. 

    For those that know about these things (or care :D) - It is Wordpress based as well so should be easy to maintain too. I like this 'Vanilla' forum software myself and it has been a lot easier than the old one to keep spammers away from. Hopefully the new website will be as easy too. I know Wordpress has the ability to incorporate Vanilla into it so there are options. Wordpress is very powerful like that.

    Anyhow, I hope everyone is well and having a great 2018 so far. I am guessing that y'all just need some better weather to enjoy the vehicles more. Roll on spring/summer!

  • I know you are dead busy Rick apart from the children and everything else and appreciate all you do that very often isn't seen.

    Roll on spring, in fact its a spring like day here, best day in a good few months. ;)

  • Rick, you've done a fantastic job for the club and I'm sure all are grateful for all your hard work.

    When we get the new website up and running please don't be a stranger and tell us all your tales and make us all jealous of your weather. I know it's hard running a business and a full time job, I've done it myself in the past.

    Thanks again Sue 

  • Many thanks for continuing to help us out Rick, even though you are thousands of miles away and are very busy. Your work is much appreciated over here.

    We've got our fingers crossed that the new website will be a success!

  • Thanks all :)

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