xmas come early

we’ll i at last got my pressie for my self!! 
santa dropped it off a bit short though so on tuesday off we go for a drive down to southampton . i never had a sleigh or any raindeer tho ! just a big long twin axle indespension trailer and a little over 400 horses to fetch my new ride  back to heysham a round trip of 600 miles but well worth the effort 


  • pics or my el camino 
  • Looks good. :)
  • I'll second that. Congrats :)
  • thanks for lads well it seemed like a lifetime waiting but i finally got my hands on it and iam quite pleased with it having payed all my money for just a description and pics i am not sure if it was pure look or good judgement on my part but all is good.
    my problem is  now do i put on road n drive it as is as it pretty dam good shape for 40 years old nice patina and all or do i give a right nice paint job to match all the work done underneath because it might look all 40 years old but everything except body is new 
    engine gearbox discs all round suspension all new 
    desisions desisions !!! 
  • Really like these little pickups, look forward to seeing it in the show season.
  • yeh can’t wait to be driving to the shows just waiting for registration docs. i suppose it is “little “in some respects but nearly 19 feet long and 6 feet wide i recon the litte is just in height 
  • Yeah, I meant compared to the usual giants. Hope registration is sorted, the DVLA are really quick doing it at the moment.

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