Rock auto

Just placed a order with rock been hearing there good.only small items.see how they go.prices are really you get a bill for import duty?


  • You usually pay for the import duty, if applicable, at the time of check out so it will already be paid which saves you the handling charge.

    Check your order confirmation.

  • cheers  :)
  • I have used Rock Auto many times and have had very good service from them. On two separate occasions I was sent the wrong parts, the part No`s on the box were correct but the parts inside were not.  They were both sent from Mexico. Mostly the parts arrive in the country within 2/3 days, however, you may not receive  them until 4/5 days later.  As Fastlady says, check your order info. as regards duty payments as these are required on some items, especially if Royal Mail are the ones who actually deliver the parts.  As for the wrong parts I received the return shipping costs were down to me but, credit was issued for future use. 
  • Thanks for comments.only a couple of brake hoses.i looked at postage and cost for a mustang wing £ no big parts.
  • Never had a problem with Rockauto, my only grumble is shipping and customs.
  • Or send someone with an affinity for a cruise home to fly out and sail back - the parts are waiting in New Joisey as I write!
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