1st October Barton AACNW Meet

Hi everyone, just to remind you it's the Barton meet this Sunday. See you all there.


  • Cool be there,saturday too with the jap meet.so all weekend.Hope weathers ok
  • Looking forward to this.  Hopefully the weather isn`t as bad as the forecast suggests.
  • Is this the last meeting for Barton this year?
  • Hi folks... Sadly I can't make it as the Bell Air is still in Ashton having a full interior restoration. Will there be another Barton meet in November? 
  • The meets run right through the winter, on the first Sunday of the month, regardless of the weather, (I know, we must be crazy sometimes!) 
  • Just don't expect many visitors December, January and February.  ;)
  • Only the Barton management posted it's the last meeting for the season.

  • edited October 2017
    Pretty sure its not, we need new dates for next year anyway, and we don't meet in Jan, but December's on. ;)
  • November and December meets are definitely on, dates are the 5th and 3rd respectively. After today's successful meet, we hope to be able to use the same area of hardstanding throughout the winter.

    Thanks to all who turned up, and those that helped out. See you next month.

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