• Those that have been ‘substantially changed’ will still require yearly testing. We have prepared draft guidance as to what constitutes “substantial change” in the context of old vehicles. We plan to finalise the guidance during November 2017. If you have any questions or feedback about it please

    Substantial changes, who is going to put down exactly what that means and who judges what is substantial?

  • We must wait for the "guidance during November".

    I am coming from a position of ignorance here but I can envisage the problem for the current generation of MOT testers who have to work to the book and do the rigid check lists, but the modern book and lists are not really relevant to old systems. Its the same with old farm tractors. For example the 1940's to probably 1980's had brakes that were pretty useless from new. When it was damp they grabbed like hell and would send you in any direction and when dry you had to stand on the pedal to get a small responce, it would be impossible to have a workable test for them as they would always fail. Most trailers had no brakes fitted at all and even now its a minefield where no-one really knows where they stand.
    I don't like the idea of no testing at all even though the classic cars I see are generally very well maintained but the insurance companies would have a field day and blame anything and everybody in the case of an incident.

  • I have chosen a middle road for the bus which has been MoT (Class 5) exempt for some years. It's well over an hours drive and getting on for a £100 for a test - and for a motor that doesn't do 500 miles a year it is a bit excessive - BUT - I do want to know its safe, so every so often I put it through a commercial vehicle repair garage for a lube and check over. If anything were - God forbid - ever to happen, I could hand on heart say she was checked because the last thing I want to be is the old motor nutter who's barmy interests led to someone's misfortune! 
  • This new ruling doesn't come into practice till May 2018 as long as there's no hitches along the way.

    Happy days

  • No more mots for the valiant then as current one expires August 2018????
  • Yes but be aware if your vehicle has a lot of modifications etc. it will still need an MOT. Read the small print carefully.

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