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Just received my Rumbles and Roars for September and I see that petulance has reared its head again.

I think it was around 2000 I threw my membership card at our former president for the first time due to his appalling behaviour. We then had a period of hiatus before some trusty long term members not suffering from an excess of ego took up the reins under the banner - No Bolitics.

Time for those days to return - but for the door to remain firmly closed on those who never seem to be able to work with others long term.

Its our club - let's reclaim it.  


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    I would just like to reassure you [and everyone else] that the club is in a very strong position as things stand.

    Hugh has taken over as Chairman and all the rest of the Committee are all working well together, Sue Wright [who is stepping down] has been involved in "testing" a suitable candidate for Membership Secretary.

    I know when you read the mag it's all there in black and white it does look disturbing, however we have a great membership, financially we are sound and we just seem to have gone through one of those rough patches that I know every club suffers from.

    So don't worry, the AACNW is actually in really good shape despite how it may look on paper.

  • Thanks for your comments, No 6. Having just taken over the chairmanship, I am keen to get the club on a stable, longterm,  path.  

    As you have obviously been involved with the club for a long time, I would welcome your, (and anyone else's), views as to where you think we should be heading, and anything that we should be doing differently. If you don't want to comment via the forum, I would welcome you making contact via the details inside the front cover of the mag.

    I would just like to add that the committee are fully committed to the long term future of the club.

  • Hi No 6,

    The reason I am stepping down from the committee is not because I have any problems with the club.

    I suffered 2 strokes at the beginning of this year, and am finding things a little difficult regarding words, numbers and memory. I also have a lot of other medical problems.

    My husband and I run a business, which we have just expanded, and I have a severally disabled son along with all the other things in life.

    Things do take a toll on people at times.

    We have got a very suitable club member who has put their name forward for my position but there is still a merchandiser needed. So maybe you would like to put yourself forward for that position.

    All work by the committee is done voluntarily and I think keeping nearly 400 members happy is a near impossible task but we do our best. 

    The AACNW is a strong, long lasting club which I will support in any way I can.

    Sue Wright (Membership Secretary) 

  • And I will add the Committee will be very sorry to lose Sue, she has done a terrific job in everything related to the membership and beyond.

    If we could force her to stay we would, but as she has written herself, its just too much to carry on with as well as her own business and her everyday life.

  • Thanks Gordon, I have enjoyed doing it but time to give someone with more energy a go.
  • Whats needed from the merchandiser roll? 
  • To go to shows and sell the merchandise in the gazello. To purchase new merchandise and all other committ commitments. It's better if you come see the committee at Barton next meet and have a chat. 
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