How do I get sorted for a valuation. Insurance aren't playing ball. 
Has Barry got an email?




  • I'm afraid Barrie has resigned as from August, we have no valuation officer at present.

    My company, and others, accept market value or your own value with photo's as with Brentacre

  • What can I do for a valuation then, any ideas?

  • With the club as it stands presently, nothing, i'm hoping someone else could help with this?
  • Maybe pop up on here how to do it, someone might have some or all the knowledge or a job share.
  • Barrie Cunliffe who used to do the valuations says he is quite willing to teach anyone interested in doing this for the club.

    What about it Fergal?

  • Oh Gawd - here we go again - wave him goodbye and move on - been here before several times in the last twenty three years and we need to put a stop to it. The cream of today's enthusiasts will rise to the top and then we can see the future again!

  • I'd love to do it just to busy. Got four yanks at the moment, there taking my time. 

  • Well that's the problem, everyone wants these things but nobody's prepared to put the dedication and time in that ALL committee members do. We all work or run our own businesses, we all have quite a few yanks and we all have other commitments.

    Can't really complain No_6 if your not prepared to step up.

    Hopefully someone will step up.

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