Back Again round 3

Well here I am again alot of you will know me from previous events and times ive been a member of the club. My name is Dan, ginger lad who use to come in a dodge ram, then a 300c in black and now I just bought another 300c estate in grey with a 5.7 Hemi for a heart.
Be good to catch up with you all again. see you all soon!


  • Welcome "back" as it were, I did see you at Uppermill but got waylaid as usual, glad to read you enjoyed it. :)
  • hi again Dan. will be nice to catch up. Have you seen our new meeting place a Barton? It's free for AACNW members and £2 for non members. It's a great place with a great café and you can watch the small planes and helicopters etc. Also a great FREE event in Southport to end the season on 22nd October. It's organised by Supercars of the NW.

    See you around I'm sure.

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