22nd October Supercars of the North West



  • check out bbc weather says rain till 3pm and 50mph winds,which forcast are you using?might be different
  • just checked met office and looks better but bbc weather says not,doh soon find out when we get there lol
  • edited October 2017

    Accuweather and ITV. Says shower at 7am, dry till 11am, dry till5pm. We've had worse, the meets still doing on.

  • yep looking forward to it,last of the season
  • That's the right attitude, we'll make the most of it. There's homemade gingerbread cake from me and Paula Smith is making a great Halloween cake complete with spiders she says.
  • Thanks to everyone who turned up to make this a great fun day.
  • Great last big event for me this year.
    No rain "hooray" but that bracing breeze was something else. Four sets of hands and shelter from a pickup truck to get the gazebo walls attached!
    Loads of fine motors to admire and I won't forget that Transit van with the body and panel shaking sound sytem for a long time.  Big thanks to "Fastlady Sue" for leading the cruise in, fastest one Iv'e been on for ages.
    Splendid venue and much enjoyed

  • Thanks Stuart, will keep you all updated with the next one. Definitely one on 10th June and hopefully one on 28th March.
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