22nd October Supercars of the North West



  • Mark Ravenscroft.
  • Okay, your names down, see you there
  • You're welcome.
  • ⭐️

    Here’s the update if stalls/entertainment for the show!
    ???? OnItsArse
    ???? Ice Cream
    ???? Coffee(Seasonal Flavours ????)
    ???? FreshFields Animal Rescue
    ???? Live Animals
    ???? Live Drunmers
    ????Food Vendors
    ????Mini Quads
    ????Bouncy Castles
    ????R/C Cars
    ????Tool Truck
    ????Army Vehicles
    ????Forbidden Clothing
    ????Stall Traders
    ????Big Rigs
    ????And much much more

  • Can you add us to the list please sue
  • No problem, added, see you there.
    Anyone else? 
  • Cheers sue????
  • Hi Sue.
    I am also up for this one. Like the idea of a cruise in as well.
    Stuart (membership 191)
  • Okay Stuart your names down. As for the cruise in I live in Southport so we can meet up outside my house and cruise the 3 miles or you could all arrange to meet up somewhere else and do a long cruise. If meeting up outside mine I would be leaving at 9am as I need to be on site early to help park up our vehicles.

  • what time does it start
  • You can get there any time after 9am, public usually start coming about 10am.
    We've got 45 cars booked for our stand up to now. 900 cars booked into the meet. This is a great end of season meet as it's so family friendly. It's Halloween week in Southport so if you fancy you can do something for that. 
  • Do we know if we are Meeting somewhere before the show? If we decide where please let me know????
    Bacon butties at sue's?
  • If we're leaving from mine, no bacon butties, then I'll be leaving my house at 9am. When you get to the meet there's food there or there's Morrison's, Premier Inn and lots more nearby. You're free to go on and off the meet site as much as you want. I only suggested meeting at mine so we could all roll in together. I think there might be too many for me to cater for.
    45 cars booked in up to now.
  • Sue, can you suggest a place with enough room and a rendezvous time where everyone can meet up for the cruise in?
  • Well everyone comes from different directions, everyone could park along my road or there is a very large car park a couple on 100 yds away from the meet on The Ocean Plaza Southport  PR8 1SQ. There's a Premier Inn on there for breakfast as well as other places but once parked up on the park you can come and go as you please and there is food stalls as well.

    As long as no one revs their engines up my street is quite long and straight. Could arrive about 8.40/8.45am to leave at 9am I could lead from the front, it's 3 miles along the coastal road, it would look good us all rolling in together.

    Lets hope the weather is like todays

  • Sounds like a plan.
    Would you like to message me your post code? Ta.
  • My address is at the front of the club mag.
  • Hi,


    This weekend sees one of the biggest end of season events, Supercars of the North West at Victoria Park, Southport, PR8 2BZ. There are 900 cars booked in with 45 of our club members. If you're not already on my list of attendees please let me know.


    Some members would like to meet up so that we can all arrive together to make a good entrance.


    I live 3 miles away from the park so if you would like to park by my house, 101A Shellfield Rd, Southport PR9 9UL, by 8.50am I will be leaving at 9am prompt.


    Please be respectful of my neighbours by parking up quietly and driving off quietly, as quietly as you can in a Yank, this is the plan;


    Park up in Shellfield Rd, facing towards the lower numbers in the street as close to my house as you can and sit and wait.

    At 9am I will leave my house, please tag on to the back of the cars.

    We will drive down Shellfield Rd, turn RIGHT at the bottom onto Marshside Rd, LEFT onto the Coastal Rd.

    After going under the pier we will go to the 2nd roundabout and take the 1st exit off. At the next roundabout we will take the 3rd exit off. The park entrance will then be on the LEFT.

    These instructions are in case you get split up and don’t know the area.

    If you do get split up, on arriving at the entrance say you are with the American Auto Club NW and you will be shown where to park. Val and Bert will already be there with the club stand set up.

    If you want to arrive independently be there any time after 8.30am.

    Hope you do decide to meet up first to make a great cruise onto the park.


    Looking forward to this great family orientated day that is Halloween themed if you fancy dressing your car or your kids up.


    See you there


    Sue Wright (Membership Sec)






  • Sorry won't be able to make this now just had new back brakes fitted and there still locking so needs more looking into shame as was looking forward to this
  • Aww, that's a shame. They'll be doing more next year
  • hope the weather improves.
  • Its always sunny in Southport. ;)

  • Hi Sue. Is there enough room on your road? If not is there somewhere on route i can meet you? Thanks 
  • Plenty of room on my road, leaving at 9am sharp. Just park up and tag on the end as I set off.
  • Weather for Sunday looking okay, chance of an odd shower but mainly dry. Going to be bad Saturday but past through by midnight

  • yep looks not too bad but 50 mph winds,see what its says tommorow afternoon on forecast,as it changes all the time.
  • Awesome. See you sunday. And massive thankyou fpr sorting this out for us all.
  • No problem, see you outside
  • Weather not to bad tomorrow. I,ve polished the car and baked a cake.

    See you outside my house or in the park

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