Nostalgia show Burtonwood September

I was thinking of going to this. Been in Spain had trouble trying to get in info.
Code for Gulliver's hotel didn't ring a bell there and are there any other hotels close by? 


  • You can see more info on the 'Club Events' page, and you can download an entry form. The final date to enter is not until the 1st of September. We usually have a pretty good turnout, depending on the weather, and there is also a Nostagia Dance night. in the hall.

  • Thanks, just struggling with  hotel. Sounds good. 
  • Just picked up a mail from them they are going to send me some better hotel prices.
  • Got this sorted and booked code wasn't working for the hotel, done now £53 better than £109
  • Just booked in for the weekend. Hope the weathers kind.
  • The hotel is very good and the breakfast is great. Would go somewhere else for the evening meal though as the food is awful.

    We've been to this event 3 or 4 times and stayed over. Not going this year though other commitments.

    The dance at night time is great, everyone dresses up in 40's or military costume.


  • Should be there on the Sunday.  :)
  • We're staying over in the caravan for the weekend, weather forecast not looking good though!
  • Its not looking good anywhere.  :(
  • Baptism of "fire", NO IT WAS WATER!
    Well what can one say apart from how good it was to see full lines of American steel on show and sticking two fingers up to the pretty awful weather. Quite a few empty other places on the showground but the exhibiters  that turned up and supported the show were very much appreciated by the organisers. The public were pretty much put off by the heavy and fairly continuous showers and I suppose they can't be blamed for that.
    One big plus for me was the opportunity to find all the leaks in my car and when I was asked "where are the goldfish then" I was baffled until it was pointed out that my headlight was 1/4 full of water. Not a problem though, a philips screwdriver appeared and the offending headlight was soon drained and cause and problem resolved. Thanks guys.
    I hope everyone managed to get the campers etc. off the field ok and into the solid trafic jams caused by the evacuation of the ASDA store.  Anyway I loved it and had a great show (especially that lemon drizzle cake).
  • You really do have to feel sorry for the organisers when the weather turns out like it did. If it hadn't been for the brave souls from our club, the exhibits would have been pretty thin. Despite all that, we still had a good time, with plenty of chat and, of course, plenty of cake!

    Thanks to everyone who turned out.

  • Sorry about the goldfish joke, but at least it was an easy fix, nice to meet you Stuart.

    The show really is in danger of vanishing, there was just nothing there for anyone to do, a fraction of the vehicles there used to be, no burger bar and very few people. However it did clash with Port Sunlight [and Huddersfield? ] I believe.

    Anyway they need to do something if there's going to be a next year.

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