Hi All..

Hi Folks... Just thought I'd start a chat... Doesn't seem to be to many people on the site yet ..I'm relatively new to not only the club but also owning a classic American car..so trying to get used to driving a real car!!! as well as how the club and events work. Can you tell me when next event is...oat bring the Chevy ..but the bodywork still needs doing so I'm not sure I should bring her? 


  • There are so many shows on in the summer that we are all at those, Stars & Stripes this weekend. We have the Anglo American Transport Rally on 16th July at Barton City airport. Our club meets will then start again at Barton City airport on 3rd September. Free to club members, non members pay £2. There is a Supercars of the Northwest show on at Victoria Park Southport on 9th July and lots of others if you look on this website I the events section. Can't wait to see the Bel Air. My hubby's Chevy C10 Snoutnose truck is as rough as a bears proverbial but I like it that way.

    Are you a member of the club? Sorry you'd think as club membership secretary I'd know the answer to that but I am blonde and female...lol

    If not and you'd like to join then either come see me at a show/meet or PM me your phone number and I'll tell you a bit more.

    Welcome to the site

  • Sorry, just realised you are a member, just clicked with me...doh
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