Woodford American Day 18th June 2017

Here are a few pictures from Woodford on the 18th.
Red hot day and very enjoyable with a good show of all types of cars, trucks, etc. etc.
Heres a link   Enjoy,        http://s38.photobucket.com/user/stuartatmacc/slideshow/Woodford 18062017


  • Some nice photo's especially the yellow Mustang. ;)

    A shame it clashed with another show, always the way.

  • Heard this was a great day, pity it clashed with Woodvale or I would have gone.
  • Great photos. I used to work at Woodford I would have liked to have gone to see the fire station converted into the new heritage centre. Nice to see the Vulcan has been put on display as well, it was in a very poor state and it was on the verge of being scrapped. I've been lucky enough to have sat in the cockpit.
  • Hey Stewart, why don't you do a little write up for our club magazine and send it along with photos to the editors. Would get members interested for the next one.
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