Seeking advice


I was wondering if anyone has any advice about Improving Parts.

I am looking to get a new axleback exhaust for my Mustang. I have got quotes from a few UK parts specialists and they are well above the price I would pay for it if I just bought it from the American Muscle website, in the USA, and pay for the extra delivery charge (there quote includes Tax, Duty and shipping & Handling).

So now to the question, are there any hidden cost / additional hassles from just order the exhaust directly from the USA myself that I am not aware of?



  • Not really, I have had most of the parts [like yours for instance] from either Summit or Jegs, American Muscle aren't bad, only problem I ever had was with CJ Ponyparts, but plenty of people have used them without problems.

    Making sure you get the right parts is the only catch as wrong parts would tend to expensive to ship back, both Jegs and Summit have International Customer Service people. they both give about 3 choices of shipping. Fed-Ex\DHL\ etc.

    Check American Muscle's shipping, the company they use was diabolically slow and packing was damaged though goods were ok.

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