Hi Folks...just wanted to introduce myself I'm Chevy53 (Steve from Stockport). I joined the club soon after attending the last Barton event in May as I was really impressed by the warm and friendly welcome everyone gave me. As you will have guessed I own a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door hardtop. She is currently being mechanically restored at Ernie Wright's garage in Ashton. New brakes..Clutch...transmission. She needs a complete respray also however...if after all that I can afford the petrol!!! I'll hopefully be able to drive her to a club event in the near future. Good to be part of the Club...


  • Hi Steve and welcome to the club. There's not many people using the website at the moment as it's just had an upgrade and people are still getting used to it, I don't want you to think you are being ignored! I like the sound of what you are doing to your car and I'm really looking forward to seeing it and speaking to you.

  • Welcome, to the club and website, it's a bit quiet on "here" since the new website went up but its getting busier.

    See you soon. :)

  • Thanks for the welcome emails Alan and Gordon ...much appreciated. I take it the club will have a tent and presence at the Star's n Stripes show at Tatton 1st& 2nd July?. Hopefully fully I will see you there. Cheers.....Steve 
  • Indeed, don't forget to get there EARLY, I can't stress that enough.

    We are usually always on the "main field".

  • See you there, love this show and welcome
  • HI folks just wanted to check.... I know the Barton event is usually the first Sunday of the the next one will be Sunday 1st October? 
  • Yes it will, see you there and lets hope for dry weather.
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