• Interesting... I always run all my vehicles in around three weeks early, for that very reason, in case they need work doing. I've done this ever since I can remember, so that I have time to get any issues sorted before the MOT expires.


  • I can see it being a problem if you get stopped, however its certainly a worry.
  • Just to make sure I'm understanding this right...

    Let's say I have 23 days left on my current MOT.

    If I take it in for a test tomorrow, and it fails, my remaining 23 days are now instantly void and I now have no MOT at all.

    Have I understood that right?!

  • Yes and no, but if it fails say two weeks before its due. it logs a failure on the system, so therefore at the time it was tested say things were wrong, that really means the car is not roadworthy when tested.

    But I suppose technically you could be stopped at anytime after an mot test before the next one, and found to have something defective even the minute it rolls out of the mot anything can go wrong, but technically It does look like that mot you have could be null and void if stopped, it just seems ridiculous.

    Pre modern testing all you would have is a failure sheet that only you and the garage would Know about, modern technology for you.

  • :( I always get mine done early thinking well if there is something wrong I've got 4 weeks to sort it. This is ridiculous and just another money maker for the government. What if your disabled and rely on your vehicle or need it for work etc.
  • Just checked with the ministry and if you do take your car in early and it fails your old MOT becomes void.
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    Yes Gordon, 
    As I am an MOT site manager I must say it has been that way for 8/9 years now! But for one reason or another mot  sites fail to inform customers of the fact.
    It was put in place because, if a car would come for mot 2 weeks early say and it fails BADLY on test, say 4x bald tyres, no brake effort seat belts not working,  the customer still, by law, could drive his dangerous car on the road for another 2 weeks. BAD RIGHT!
    So..government said, if it fails a MINIMUM STANDARD mot then it must not be on the road and voids the remaining 2 weeks.
    Basically to protect other road users and pedestrians from a piece of s@#t possibly killing someone and if the old law still stood it would be like the government condoning it.

    It's right really. It's actually the owners responsibility to keep such a potential killing machine in safe,reposable condition plus it's not a surprise it's once every year and it's usually the same date.

    A good way to prepare is to get a vehicle health check at your local garage. Many will do this at a small cost.
  • When I was an MOT tester on the old system this would never have been a problem. ;)
  • Hi.

    Last week I took my Nephew's car for MOT and it failed,  but the MOT does not run out until the end of this month. As he lives in Milnrow he took it back home and then intends to bring back this week to have the work carried out. The same day that he took the car home I happened to log on and come across this discussion on here. I got a bit concerned so rang him to make him aware of this issue.  Now he has got a friend who is a motorway patrol officer so he rang him up to ask him would he would be most likely to be pulled over in this situation. The police officer said that he didn't think that he would be because their system would not pick him up on signal because his car has got an MOT still in force. This Police Officer also confirmed it with another officer who had spent more years in the force and he said the same thing.

    So my question is.  Does anybody know of anybody who has actually  been pulled up and prosecuted in this situation.?  I would imagine that if one had an accident then it could cause a problem with the insurance.


  • I think most sensible driver if told of a major fault would drive home carefully and get it fixed ASAP anyway. It's got to be fixed for the MOT before it expires anyway so you'd get it done. To make it an offence to drive it straight after you've been told is a bit mad as what does a disabled person or a mother on her way to collect kids do...walk? As I say most people will fix ASAP as I'm sure people don't think Oh I'll just go out in the death trap.
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