16th July 2017 Anglo-American Transport Rally

A new show aimed at raising funds to support ex-service personel in learning new skills following discharge from service life. The show will be held on a 15 acre site at the airfield and will include American,military,classic and vintage vehicles,static aircraft and helicopter displays,food outlets,fairground plus other entertainments around the showground. The show is open to both club and individual entries. Entry will be by contacting the web site or by downloading the hard copy and using the postal method.Closing date for entry will be on the 30th June. FOR ENTRY TO THE BOOKING SYSTEM PLEASE ACCESS classic-booking.uk Great interest has been shown from various clubs around the north west so early booking is encouraged.Sunday only, free to enter, camping available Saturday night, details to follow.

Location the same as our monthly meet.

Veterans Garage, Barton Aerodrome [City Heliport] Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester M30 7SA.

Please give a donation to Veterans Garage where  you see the collection buckets!

Apply here                 http://barton.classic-booking.uk/terms.html

Or see Val or Bert.



  • Looking foreward to this, something a bit different and local for a lot of members.

    Get booking your places as only pre booked are guaranteed a space to enter.

    I know lots have already booked and received their passes 

  • Hi ...I have a question....I've only recently joined the club and my 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air is running fine but the bodywork is still to be resprayed and patch....is it a good idea to turn up to shows ? ...or should I  wait till she's restored?
  • Please come if you want to, people understand what a work in progress is, trust me its not a problem. :)
  • Yes please join us. How your car looks is of no consequence, its joining in and meeting up with people that's what it's all about.
  • Not a problem at all. Book in and you'll be made very welcome. I do like those early Bel Airs

  • Can't wait to see it, love Bel Airs. When you see my hubby's Chevy truck you'll feel right at home.
  • Hi Folks...thanks for the replies. Just got the Bel Air back after total mechanical and electronic restoration. So..despite the patchy bodywork I think I will contact Val & Bert to see if there are any passes left for this show. 

  • There are passes so please get in touch with them, they will be at Stars & Stripes all this weekend so would get intouch before then or straight after. See you there
  • Thanks for the response, however..I filled in an application directly as a member of AACNW and the organisers sent me my ticket the next day. Very pleased as this will be the very first show I've brought the Bel Air to. Looking forward to it. 
  • Great, looking forward to seeing it too
  • is this show run by barton airport or aacnw????
  • It is run by Veterans Garage. As a club we and N.W Classic Cars are supporting and helping to run it. Val & Bert have worked very hard at organising things, many meetings, with the VG and NWCC. Our committee will be marshalling the cars and making sure our members behave accordingly.

    Lots going and a FREE show, small donation for VG if you see them coming round with the collection bucket please, so if you haven't got booked in do so ASAP to be sure of a place. If you turn up without a pass you will be allowed to display if there's room left but to be sure get your pass.

    Looking forward to this one so come and support a really good cause.

  • Hi folks..got a problem....I really want to bring the Chevy to this show ....which will be the very first show I've brought her to....but I've been running her in after being in the garage for mechanical restoration...but she tends to cut occasionally and needs a few mins before she will start up again. Which can be very stressful out on busy roads ...Barton bridge could be a nightmare...not sure if I should risk it until she is tuned up ? 
  • Me being me I'd risk it, is there another route you can take that cuts the bridge out, look on AA route finder. Do you have breakdown cover or can you go in convoy with someone? My husband and I have had the same worries many times but always go for it

    Hope you make it anyway.

  • You can get there via Caddishead\Irlam, or Eccles\Trafford Park from the other side, a Sat Nav would help but both those routes cut out the high level bridge. ;)
  • could be coil getting to hot happened on my mustang once,when it cuts out put your hand on it to see if its hot,or vent in tank cap blocked.
  • approx how many cars are booked in???
  • I received my booking yesterday at No. 249.  I don`t know whether or not this signifies the bookings though.
  • thats good as im 20 so at least 249 going,cool
  • At last count it was 263 booked in but there will be people who turn up on the day hoping there's room for them. Weather looking okay so should be a great day.

    See you all there

  • What time do we need to be there so that we are parked up properly on the club stand?
  • Hi Folks...had a bit of trouble with the Chevy 53 ...kept stalling...so I thought I'd have to miss this show ..but managed to get her tuned up and seems to be OK now... So hopefully I'll get her there on sunday. 
  • The gates open for exhibitors from 8.00, and close at 10am. So, as early as possible, ideally before 9am.
  • As Huey says, no movement between 10am and 4.30pm.

    Weather looking good, see you all there

  • See you all there and my lad cant wait to see that 53 Bel-Air.
  • great day out today,weather was good too.who won the trophy,s???
  • Yes, a great day, great cars and great people.

    Chevy 53....my son is still on cloud 9...thank you.

  • edited July 2017
    Ken Tipler [AACNW] got Best in Show with his immaculate metallic Red custom Plymouth, the young lady with the very immaculate Red\Tan pickup was best American, and the Chairman of North West Classics got best British.
  • From Nigel, chairman of NWCC;

    Hi Everyone. Now that the dust has settled on the inaugural Veterans Garage Show it's time to take stock. Thanks go to North West Casual Classics, Veterans Garage and to The American Auto Club North West as the organizers. Thanks also to the many other clubs who attended and showed their vehicles. It's great that we all can rub shoulders, American, Hot Rods , Classic vehicles, bikes and Military vehicles. It was indeed a fabulous event with equally fabulous weather. We raised £1425 for Veterans Garage a superb total. Thanks again for your presence it made for a great day.


    Cheers Nigel

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