Avro heritage museum, Woodford 18th June and 6th August.

Anyone with American cars would like  to attend 2 events 18th June and 6th August the location is Avro heritage museum (on the former aerodrome Woodford) Cheshire, as the first is an 1940s American day with lots of family attractions, and the one in August including a fly past of the BBMF Avro Lancaster and Avro Anson.



  • isnt the 6th august uppermill?
  • Yes, but we have to give people the choice, why do good interesting events always clash.  :(
  • Found a poster for the June event, nothing for August as yet.

  • I am booked in on the 18th June with the Mach1. I used the contact form and Richard Jones replied quickly with an invite, hope the weathers kind
  • Looks a great show but clashes with Woodvale which I always go to.

    Take some photos and do a write up for the club magazine, might be of interest to members for future shows if they get to read about it.

  • The August show is for pre 1975/76 cars only. Tried booking in with my pickup as only a mile from my house but its to new. 
  • A sure way to stop people going. :(

    That woiuld be me out as well.

  • Yeah seemed strange to me. Appreciate they dont want a car park full of vauxhall Corsas but American cars are surely different. Ill give it a miss 
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