As you can see the change has been a little bit tricky, Rick has been working on this in his spare time and I hope he doesn't get nightmares!


  • Well so far so good, all old posts are there just not the posters names.
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    You can change your avatar [mine is the V8 logo] by going in to your account options [far top right] its a little cog, click on edit profile, and third column down on the right, click "change my picture" and you can upload a small 2mb picture\photo from your PC.  :)
  • back in at last hard work doh
  • I know, these things rarely go without a hiccup or three. ;)
  • Blimey...
  • Back registered,that was an ordeal.Half expected a request for DNA sample.LOL
  • Just your credit card number details and pin number will do Barry.  :)
  • Anyone know where the link to view new posts since last visit is hiding?

  • No, I have asked Rick to see if it can be sorted.

  • B)  Managed to sign up to the very new looking website...Yea. Will sort avatar and other things when I get back to UK

  • Hi guys
    For recent posts please use:

    Or or discussions you are involved with:
  • Just logged into website and yet again got the message "howdy stranger".Had to re-sign in yet again.
  • Not sure why Barry, did you get the e-mail confirmation?
  • All ok now.But I have had to sign in on three occasions despite after each attempt the web site recognised me and had my user name on top of home page.Now good to go.
  • Nice to see the website up an running again.
  • Well all the old posts have gone and Rick has widened the page as a lot of people didn't like the "new look" hopefully this should look and "feel" better. :)
  • Events and everything else missing will be updated asap. :)
  • Wait...

    You've lost every single post from the old forums?!

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    We haven't lost them as such, there was so much corruption and people were complaining about this that it was just safer to start again.Eventually this sort of software as it becomes dated they don't supply new updates, that leads to security and hacking problems, nevermind spammers etc, its been giving Rick endless headaches and extra work, so much so that a fresh website was the best option.

    However now its all up and running very few seem to be interested in it anyway. :(

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    Well, I understand what you mean about the headaches of moving from one platform to another (I work in IT myself) so I feel your pain there Rick.

    Such a shame though, there were so many posts on the old forum :(

    Don't worry @Gordon everyone will be back soon enough :)

    (perhaps mention the shiny new site in next months mag and invite people to sign up again!)

  • The sites getting there at last. More people using it. I've got used to it, except when I want to put an emoji at the end of a comment, it puts it at the beginning when I'm on my computer but in the right place when on my phone??? Don't know why ????
  • Oh, it didn't post my emoji that all this time...LM emoji less ????????????
  • It's never been a website with a lot of traffic or posts, however its now better and faster if nothing else. :)
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